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Saint Mary's National School, Dublin

Extra Curricular Activities

15th Jun 2023

St. Mary's Mt. Eden Campus hosted its first-ever 6th Class 5 A-Side Soccer Blitz on our brand-new Soccer Astro. The event was a resounding success, bringing together over 80 boys and girls from schools across the South Dublin Area. With intense competition and incredible displays of skill, this two-day event marked the beginning of the Boys and Girls Saint Mary's Cup competitions. 

The atmosphere was electric as the teams took our new 3G Astro Turf Pitch and throughout the tournament, the participants displayed exceptional sportsmanship, teamwork, and determination. The format consisted of 8 minute group games followed by positional play-off spots. After two days of intense competition, it was the St. Mary's Boys' team that emerged triumphant, securing the trophy and medals in their respective cup competition, beating Our Ladies Grove, Goatstown 1-0 in the final. Despite being beaten in their opening game, their skill, teamwork, and dedication shone through as they battled their way to the top, earning the admiration of all spectators. Our Girls' team also performed admirably, reaching the final of their competition and narrowly missing out on the cup to Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School. This is a fantastic reward for both groups who displayed incredible effort, resilience and commitment to attending training's in the best and worst weather conditions through the year.

This Soccer Blitz marked a significant milestone for St. Mary's, as it was the first-ever after-school sporting event of this scale. With thrilling matches, outstanding sportsmanship, and unforgettable moments, the event showcased the passion and dedication of the young athletes from 6th Class. The overwhelming response and positive feedback from participants, parents, and spectators demonstrate the potential for St. Mary's to make this an annual event, fostering a tradition that will continue to inspire young athletes and promote a healthy competitive spirit.

A special thank you goes out to Mr. Molloy, Ms. O' Carroll, Ms. O'Gara, and Mr. Moriarty, whose unwavering commitment and efforts throughout the school year prepared the soccer teams for this event. Their dedication to training, organizing morning and after-school sessions, and nurturing the children's passion for the sport played a pivotal role in their success this year. Furthermore, a heartfelt gratitude is extended to all the teachers, who contributed to the organization and smooth running of the blitz. A massive thank you for Mr. Furlong and Mr. O'Briain for their excellent photography on the day. It was a monumental task to host an event of this magnitude, and the hard work and dedication of everyone involved  behind the scenes made it a resounding success.

1st Jun 2023

Club Dúlra is a nature club which takes place every Thursday.  Here, a small group of students from the Greenchool's Committee, get together to take care of plants, do some weeding, identify trees and plants, put out some food for birds and complete some general garden maintenance. What a noble and hardworking crew! 

1st Jun 2023

Our boys and girls golf teams competed in the Schools Cup on Monday 29th May in Castle Golf Club. We enjoyed our round and even got an exhibition lesson from the Pros. They showed us some golf trick shots and how to hit out of the sand bunkers. We were awarded our medals by the Captain and Lady Captain of Castle Golf Club.