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Saint Mary's National School, Dublin

2nd Class - Mr. Moriarty

🌟 Welcome to Mr. Moriarty's Second Class Blog! 🌟

Join us in Mr. Moriarty's second class for an incredible learning adventure! Get ready to explore, create, and grow together with our class made up of 14 boys and 15 girls. We are a group of enthusiastic students who love sports, art, and are excited about completing the Sacrament of Communion. Stay tuned for exciting updates, highlights, and achievements on this blog. As we support and celebrate each other throughout the year, get set for an unforgettable journey!



10th Nov 2023
This past week was Friendship Week, the classes paired up for the collaboration....
6th Oct 2023
Autumn has arrived, and at St. Mary's School, we believe there's no better way to...
11th Sep 2023
As the sun shone over St. Mary's School, the cheerful laughter of children filled...

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