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Trouble brewing? Life isn't always like a box of chocolates.

Dispute over naming rights of the main corridor in the Mount Eden Campus
Trouble brewing? Life isn't always like a box of chocolates.

A dispute has emerged over the naming rights on the main corridor on the Mount Eden campus of St. Mary's N.S.. Following a 'Quality' Christmas present last year, the corridor had been working under the name 'Furlong Street' over the last number of months, but recently a challenge has been made to the naming of the corridor (lodged by Ms. O'Daly's 4th class).

Following the breakdown of initial discussions and the dismissal of a proposed sectioning of the corridor ('O'Daly Street' on the north/senior side of the corridor and 'Furlong street' on the south/junior side), O'Daly street supporters have pinned their own makeshift sign next to the current sign in an attempt to claim the corridor as their own. The debate continues to rage on among the student body with no resolution expected before the Christmas break.

Dec 08
Official School Opening
Dec 09
School closing at 11.50am/12.00pm
Dec 12
SI Christmas play (Ms. Francis)
Dec 13
JI Christmas play (Ms. Valentine Ms. Moroney, Ms. Jeffers)
In preparation for the Oscailt Oifigiúil of the school on 8 December, we are creating colourful, knitted bunting as a whole school community initiative.
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