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Bee Project Presentations

Each of the classes presented their bee projects to the other two classes.
Bee Project Presentations

Over the last number of weeks, the children in second class have been creating projects on three different types of bees. Ms. O'Sullivan's class created their projects on the Solitary bee, Ms. D'Arcy's class created theirs on the Bumblebee and our class created projects on the Honeybee. The children had great fun in researching and putting together their projects and then presented their work to the other two classes so that they could all share what they had learned.

Dec 08
Official School Opening
Dec 09
School closing at 11.50am/12.00pm
Dec 12
SI Christmas play (Ms. Francis)
Dec 13
JI Christmas play (Ms. Valentine Ms. Moroney, Ms. Jeffers)
In preparation for the Oscailt Oifigiúil of the school on 8 December, we are creating colourful, knitted bunting as a whole school community initiative.
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