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We had a brilliant day today as we invited the children from 1st class to take part in some fun and games in Mount Eden Road. The 5th class children took over the role of PE teacher for the day, teaching the younger children how to play soccer, bask
We were experimenting with bridge designs. We learned about arches, beam bridges, truss bridges and cable stayed bridges. We found out how to strengthen our bridge design too.
We had lots of fun during our drumming workshop!
We were out in full support to welcome our winners home!
We went on a nature walk to Mount Eden to learn more about biodiversity.
5th Class come to visit!
Today, we did an experiment to see what would happen when salt is sprinkled over ice. We had a discussion about using salt on our roads too. We thought about other solutions that could be used to melt ice too.
Science: We used a few ingredients to make snow.
We have been busy participating in lots of fun Maths activities this week. We have enjoyed the 'just a minute challenge' at 10am each day and we have a Maths trail on Thursday to look forward to also!
We have been busy with our amazing art work.
We're ready to start a new term of learning and fun in 1st class!
Some photos from our school tour to Dublin Zoo. We had lots of fun! A big thank you to Ms Keenan and Ms Flood for kindly joining us on our tour. :)
Sep 01
Back to school!
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